The Antibody Verify Solution

It’s undeniable, protein experiments are challenging.  Why? It’s very difficult to find good antibodies.  The resources needed to confirm an antibodies specificity and utility can be unpredictable or too expensive for an antibody manufacturer to address. In an independent survey, we found 77% of researchers cannot find antibodies with acceptable validation data.  We also learned the average researcher can’t find acceptable antibodies for 2 targets of interest, and they are willing to purchase up to 5 vials for each target in order to obtain successful results. This can add up quickly if the average cost of an antibody is $300.

Antibody Verify is a platform for manufacturers to provide antibodies at a lower cost and enable researchers to do more.  We believe providing greater access to antibody content we will drive research forward and ultimately generate more results.  Another exciting solution provided by Antibody Verify involves antibody reviews and research feedback. So far, the Antibody Verify Solution is working remarkably well, generating over 800 reviews which often include application notes, protocols, and images.

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