Species Reactivity

Antibody Verify has created a new search tool to search for antibodies with computational homology to species other than human. Please click the link below to search by target, research area, and species. If you have any questions, please send us an email at info@antibodyverify.com.

Antibody Verify's Species Search Tool


Popular species:

Human Antibodies (Homo sapiens antibodies), 16,037 available Mouse antibodies (Mus musculus antibodies), 12,597 available
Rat antibodies (Rattus norvegicus antibodies), 12,188 available Bovine antibodies (Bos taurus antibodies), 12,503 available
Zebrafish antibodies (Danio rerio antibodies), 4,955 available Pig antibodies (Sus scrofa antibodies), 10,147 available
Rabbit antibodies (Oryctolagus cuniculus antibodies),11,389 available Dog antibodies (Canis familiaris antibodies), 11,970 available
Sheep antibodies (Ovis aries antibodies), 1,073 available Goat antibodies (Capra hircus antibodies), 653 available
Guinea pig antibodies (Cavia porcellus antibodies),11,297 available Horse antibodies (Equus caballus antibodies), 11,860 available
Yeast Antibodies, 574 available